Solutions Questions & Answers

Voxx Analytics supports influence decision-making across the organization and product lifecycle, including the following frequently expressed needs:

Frequent Capability Questions Voxx Analytics Deliverables

Can you identify science Opinion Leader(s) who can support our product development and education programs?

We deliver a comprehensive database of all global (or local) KOL(s) focused on your precisely defined area of interest, with Rank and Network Segments identified. VOXX KOL Mapping depicts relationships between these individuals, key organizations and activities of interest so that you can navigate and plan appropriately.

Can you identify experts who also treat patients?

We can identify Opinion Leader(s) who also treat patients.

Can you identify physicians who don’t publish?

Our comprehensive database includes every physician in the United States, with extensive practice details.

Can you identify speakers?

Yes, we perform Podium Analysis using our data from all major medical conferences and can gather/add additional data as needed.

Can you identify Opinion Leader(s) who work with my competitors?

Yes. Our database, the VoxxVault™, includes not only Sunshine Data, but other disclosure sources that allow us to perform Competitor Mapping to identify KOL(s) connected to competitors. Not only that, we can show you, by using objective empirical data, which company has a better network of engagement partners.

Can you identify KOL(s) who are experts in very small diseases or topics?

We start from a global dataset and can easily find the needles in any haystack, including Rising Star(s).

What about countries like Brazil or Malaysia?

Since we start from a global dataset it’s very easy to identify Opinion Leader by region, country, or city. Not only that, we can find KOL(s) globally (for example, in the US) who are highly influential in the country you’re interested in.

Can you help me build influential relationships?

Yes, using our Influence Mapping, we point out specific Opinion Leader(s) you should ideally have relationships with. We can also show you how the KOL(s) you already know are connected to those experts, or share interests with them, so that you can broker introductions or collaborations.

Can you tell me how many KOLs or MSL’s I need?

Voxx's Community Reach Analysis can calculate, based on the size and structure of your community, exactly how many KOL(s) you need to sustain the desired level of influence in the community. Further, we can measure that change over time to provide a benchmark for performance or for resource decisionmaking.

Can you assess my competitor’s science platform?

Voxx can leverage our clinical trial and research data to map any company’s science platform and analyze their likely positioning and messaging claims. We can also show you the KOL(s), organizations and content which support the science platform and how they’re all connected.

Can Voxx help me tailor promotional messages?

Our ##pvoxx## database has the most extensive available collection of industry advertising and promotion materials. You can quickly assess the strategy and positioning of any competitor product and tailor your own strategy to differentiate effectively.

Can you identify target audiences for customized messaging?

Voxx can identify KOL(s) and practicing physicians connected to specific populations, topics or areas, so that you can create precision marketing programs.

What if I already know everybody in my Disease Community?

Voxx can objectively validate and Rank the KOL(s) you know and do a gap analysis to fill in any gaps. More importantly, Voxx can show you how everyone you know is connected to other experts, organizations and activities of interest to you.

How many KOL(s) are in a typical Disease Community dataset?

That varies from a few thousand to a hundred thousand or more. Whatever it is, you’ll know exactly how many Opinion Leader(s) are in your disease area, who they all are, who the key leaders are and how they’re all connected.

Can you identify Rising Star(s)?

Yes, Voxx has a well-validated metric to tell you who are the likely Opinion Leader(s) of tomorrow. This allows clients to develop talent and create long-term win-win partnerships.

Do we need special software?

No! Voxx Analytics solutions are accessible online or can easily be downloaded and integrated into your existing CRM or any database/visualization software for easy use across your organization.

For terms and phrases that I do not understand the meaning of, can you provide me with a list of definitions?

Yes, we have a Definitions page that will help shed light on some of these terms and phrases, click here