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Voxx delivers Analytics, Data & Tools to help you engage more effectively with customer communities.

What is our business? We enable companies to efficiently and effectively engage with Life Science customer communities. A data and technology innovator, Voxx uses unique and sophisticated technology platforms to collect, process and analyze data that we then productize for specific user needs and deliver through intuitive user interfaces.

Who are our customers? Voxx products serve all types of decision-makers with responsibility for market-facing strategies. Anyone who needs information about the external environment will find value in our products. The broad scope of our analytics supports those involved with early pipeline strategy, trial site selection, publication planning, medical affairs engagement, product differentiation, post-launch marketing and sales and competitive analysis. For anyone who has questions about their community, we have answers.

What do our customers find most valuable? Voxx Analytics makes the complex simple. In a fast-paced environment, Voxx clients appreciate comprehensive and reliable data and hand-crafted tools that accomplish specific tasks quickly and with minimum hassle. Web-based, plug-and-play platforms integrate easily with existing systems and intuitive interfaces require minimal training.

● Medical Affairs customers value our comprehensive, science-driven KOL Influence Mapping solutions and our simple field engagement tool developed specifically for Medical Affairs field teams.

Commercial customers value our ability to integrate Rx, referral, account and physician-level data onto our comprehensive scientific community networks, providing a complete context for engagement planning and execution.

Brand and Competitive Intelligence teams value our specialized data products tailored for their specific needs.

IT customers value the simplicity of integrating our plug-and-play platforms into their enterprise systems.

Analytics Products

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Our best-known product, Voxx.Engage, is an integrated data platform for medical affairs and commercial engagement planning. Our Best-In-Class solution has made Voxx the recognized expert on KOL identification and influence mapping. We are the provider of choice for customers who need a rigorous solution, and the only company that can deliver a comprehensive global dataset.

Advanced Analytics. Employing our proprietary and patented technologies, we collect and analyze comprehensive and objective data about entire disease communities. We apply our finely tuned network analytics to study the structure of the community and map all data to illuminate key influencers, organizations, and activities across the entire landscape — and then show you the connections between all of them, so you can focus your resources and leverage relationships for maximum effect.

Simple Interface. Your entire custom-built dataset is loaded into our intuitive web-based user interface with tailored views that allow you to quickly and easily develop the engagement plans you need and act with confidence at the global, national, and local level. Our platform has impeccable compliance optics (incorporating firewalls via permission-based logins) and requires no implementation.

Integration. Voxx is a Veeva Partner and can easily integrate Engage data with your CRM solution.

Best-in-Class Outputs. Voxx delivers the greatest breadth and depth of data available, and we’re the only company who can show you everyone who is part of your community, from researchers to local practitioners, and how they are all connected globally. Clients say our data is the most accurate and reliable available and that our objective analytics give them confidence that they know everyone they need to globally and locally. With Voxx data you can build relationships with people that matter most for your specific business objectives.

Medical Affairs clients can also load their Voxx.Engage data into Nector, our field engagement tool, to create a seamless Medical Affairs engagement platform.


Voxx.Gateway was designed specifically to support early-stage product teams who need to establish relationships with key external stakeholders but don’t require the depth and breadth of data that becomes necessary as products move into Phase 3. Gateway offers the same rigor and validity of Voxx.Engage by applying the same unique network analytics to a more focused set of data. This allows you to identify all key external stakeholders in your disease community, including those that would remain invisible to other methods that rely on counting and scoring individual data.

Scalable. Voxx.Gateway is a data foundation that can be expanded and built out into a full Voxx.Engage platform as your needs expand. Continuous learning and growth is built into the model.

Simple. Voxx.Gateway has it’s own unique user interface featuring customizable views that allow you to quickly and easily hone in on what you need. Our web-based platform requires no implementation. Just log in and go.

Easily Integrates. Voxx is a Veeva Partner and can easily integrate data with your CRM solution.

Best-in-Class Outputs. Voxx delivers exactly what your early-stage team needs, a reliable dataset focused on critical development needs. Clients say our data is the most accurate and reliable available and that our objective analytics give them confidence that they know everyone they need to. Gateway allows early stage customers to execute key tasks and start building relationships with key stakeholders early in development.

Medical Affairs clients can also load their Voxx.Gateway data into our Nector field application, allowing field staff to carry KOL and Trial Site data with them. Voxx.Gateway plus Nector is an affordable and scalable solution for early stage product teams.

Voxx Vault Data Products

The Voxx Vault houses our suite of specialized data products - each one developed for a specific customer and use case. Tailored visualizations let you intuitively interact with data. Analysis is built in and additional support is available so you get maximum value.


P.Voxx (formerly “PharmaVoxx”) promotional messaging database is our market-leading data product encompassing all things promotional. Search, sort, filter, and view messaging across every imaginable type of advertising and promotional content. Download promotional pieces and summaries of key points such as message highlights and intended audience. View dashboards by therapeutic area or gain actionable insights from in-depth Messaging Strategy Reviews.

P.Voxx lets you understand the messaging being directed at various audiences. Typical customers are Competitive Intelligence and Market Research Teams, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers as well as Advertising and Communications Agencies.

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In addition to being the industry leader in KOL identification and influence mapping, Voxx also offers bulk KOL profiling. Known for our rigorous data reliability and technological flexibility, Voxx provides whatever profile fields you need in any format you want. Voxx is a Veeva Partner and can load your data directly into your CRM solution.


Understanding customers’ social media voices, whether KOL, HCP or Patient, is crucially important. Now you can get the same data Voxx incorporates in our disease community analytics, as a separate product. Identify trends, key voices and online influencers; track conference activity; and gauge the impact of your own activities through a custom web-interface.


Voxx Analytics incorporates conference data into our disease community network analytics. Now you can purchase the same data we use, as a separate product. Access abstracts for any conference via a web-based portal or in flat files. Voxx is a Veeva Partner and can format data to load seamlessly into your CRM or other central data system.


If we don’t have the data you need, we can provide it on demand! Just let us know and we’ll use our data harvesting tools and skills to gather it and speed it to you in whatever form and format you like. Or use our enterprise data collection tools to build your own dataset. (visit Intuli.com for information on Intuli data tools).

Voxx Tools

On the way to becoming a leading technology company, Voxx has developed and co-developed a number of technology tools to support our processes. Some of these innovative tools are now available to our clients as separate products.

INTULI - Enterprise Data Harvesting Tools

There’s a World of Data Out There. Go Get It!

Intuli’s tools are the workhorses behind Voxx’s data collection. Used by some of the world’s largest data aggregators, Intuli’s developer tools provide everything you need to harvest data from the web, including PDF extraction and website change detection. Like everything Voxx does, Intuli’s tools are simple to use and require minimal training.

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