Leadership Team

The founders of Voxx Analytics met while earning their MBAs from the Drucker School of Business at Claremont Graduate University, and found inspiration in Peter Drucker’s teachings about the importance of organizing “information about the outside.” They have worked together for over ten years developing the technologies that are now Voxx Analytics. Their mission is to organize and analyze all influence-related information to empower decision makers. Both founders succeeded in graduating first in their Drucker MBA class and both now aim to make Voxx Analytics the first and last name in influence analytics.

Daniel Vesely

Co-Founder, President and Chief Operations Officer

Daniel has 30 years of experience in communications and business operations. Beginning as a journalist, Daniel participated in the overthrow of the communist regime of Czechoslovakia and subsequently served as Press Secretary and then Sr. Policy Advisor to the President of the new Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel. For the past decade, Daniel has driven development of the Voxx technologies while managing all aspects of business operations. Daniel has an MA from Charles University and an MBA from the Drucker School of Business.

Contact: dvesely@voxxanalytics.com

Anthony Page

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Tony has 30 years of experience creating and delivering strategic intelligence products and services. In his past career in the U.S. intelligence community, he directed intelligence operations in various strategic analysis organizations in the US and abroad. Subsequently, Tony has applied government methodologies to pharmaceutical industry problems. For the past decade, Tony has developed the technologies that are now Voxx Analytics, bringing rigorous advanced analytics to bear on influence-related challenges. Tony has an MS from National Intelligence University and an MBA from the Drucker School of Business.

Contact: apage@voxxanalytics.com

Mariam Eghbal-Ahmadi

Chief Analytics Officer

Mariam has worked with the Voxx technologies for more than a decade and now manages the global business operations of the PharmaVoxx and QVoxx products, applying sophisticated analysis to Voxx’s extensive data resources to create clear, concise and insightful intelligence products. Mariam holds an MS in Biology and Neurobiology from University of California, Irvine and an MBA from the Drucker School of Business.

Contact: meghbal-ahmadi@voxxanalytics.com

Ryan Peeler

Director, Network Analytics

Ryan has been a member of the Voxx team since its inception, and an integral part of the technology development process. He is now responsiblefor Lnx Research network analytics products. Ryan holds a Master of Bioscience from Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences.

Contact: rpeeler@voxxanalytics.com

Ed Silverman

Director, Life Science Analytics

Ed is Voxx’s life science expert, overseeing the scientific aspects of our data and analytics processes and working with clients to ensure products are precisely tailored to meet their needs. Ed is also a major contributor to the development of new analytic approaches and the ever-expanding portfolio of Voxx capabilities. Ed holds a PhD in Biological Sciences from City of Hope Graduate School of Biological Sciences and an undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University.

Contact: esilverman@voxxanalytics.com