About Voxx Analytics

Voxx Analytics is the leader in Influence Analytics and Influence Mapping, leveraging Big Data to deliver clarity and precision about people, companies, message flow and influence in global professional communities. Nineteen of the Top 20 Pharma manufacturers have improved their reach and influence with our analytics. Voxx’s proprietary technology is the first to enable cleaning and processing of Big Data life science datasets on a commercially feasible scale. Our action-enabled analytics have increased our clients’ market influence for over a decade. Voxx Analytics’ comprehensive, unbiased and global influence solutions sharpen clients’ external engagement techniques, so they can shape and drive their research, communications, professional education, marketing and sales strategies, leading to streamlined product development and reduced time to launch. We wield influence on your behalf. A data and technology innovator, Voxx leverages a unique and sophisticated technology platform to collect, process and analyze data related to influence. World-class data harvesting tools pull objective data from hundreds of sources, proprietary data processing tools clean and aggregate the data to create a comprehensive dataset, and sophisticated analytics extract action-enabled insights.

Voxx serves all types of decision makers with responsibility for customer-facing strategies. Med Affairs customers value unbiased, science-driven KOL Influence Mapping solutions that offer impeccable compliance optics. Commercial customers value the integration of Rx, referral, account and Voxx’s physician data onto scientific community networks. Our solutions allow customers to leverage the same core dataset, with appropriate firewalls across the organization, supporting synchronization of strategies and lowering costs.

Voxx Analytics solutions can be accessed via the web or integrated into existing software systems, ensuring ease of use. No proprietary software is required and all data is US-EU Safe Harbor Compliant. Buy the data analytics you need when you need them and get to work.

Voxx wields influence for you.